Ana Barriga’s Polvo y oro, winner of the past edition






(Pending rector’s signature)

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The University of Seville calls for applications to the XXIV European Plastic Arts Contest “Sevilla University”, 2017/2018, with a single prize of 1.500,00€ and a purchasing budget of the maximum amount of 6.000,00€, subject to the following




The competition is open to any student enrolled for the academic year 2017/2018 in any European university leading to an official university qualification, and to anybody who has successfully completed such a course of study in or after the academic year 2008/2009. Those who received awards in previous editions cannot participate.



All participants can submit an original artwork of their authorship, not awarded in another competition, with technique and subject of their choice, which must be delivered duly assembled for its exposition.

The artworks maximum size must be 200×200 cm and, in case of three-dimensional artworks, the base must not exceed the dimensions of 100×200 cm and the maximum height must be 200 cm.

The pieces must be delivered fully finished; it’s not allowed to require any additional element for their presentation to the jury or, eventually, for their public exhibition. It won’t be possible to ask for any kind of maintenance throughout the entire exposition period.



Before sending the artworks the participants must subscribe from the 1st September 2017 until 23.59h of the 30th November 2017 to this link, through which they will have to provide:

  • The artwork title;
  • Artist’s CV in Word format, including pictures of previous works;
  • Colour photograph(s) of the finished artwork, as it has to be showed to the jury, in tiff or jpg format, at least 300 DPI and with the longest side of 20 cm;
  • Video or digital creations must be submitted in digital form, without prejudice to the completion of the former point, which must be fulfilled by providing a still picture of the work;
  • The artwork estimated price, for the purposes of the 6th clause. (It’s not possible to exceed the amount of 1.500€ specified in such clause);
  • Recommendations and information for the artwork exposition, if any.

In the light of the total applications, a prior selection will be made to choose the pieces to be presented to the jury, referred to in clause 8th of this resolution, and to become part of the exposition mentioned in clause 7th. The chosen artists will then be invited to send their works to the contest.

This pre-selection will be made by a commission appointed by the General Director of Culture and Heritage of the Seville University.



The selected artists will be invited to send their artworks to the National Plastic Arts Prize, along with the instructions to accomplish this task.

The concerned artists can send their works through any service company or by post. The packaging, the transport and the eventual insurance of the artworks are charged to the artist or a delegated person, both for the delivery and the pickup. Nevertheless, if the work relevance requires it, the University of Seville can cover partial or the total amount of the transport charges, for artists of universities outside the province of Seville.

The two-dimensional works must be delivered framed, or at least with protective slats.

The University of Seville will take care of the integrity of the artworks, although it does not take any responsibility for their eventual loss caused by flood, fire or other natural catastrophe, as for the potential damages occurring during the collection and restitution processes, and will not buy any insurance to cover these risks.


  1. PRIZE

There is a single 1.500.00 prize for the winning artwork, subject to taxes by law.

The awarded work will become property of the University of Seville. In addition, and in compliance with the law on intellectual property, the author will transfer to the University of Seville, with respect for his moral rights and with faculty of disposal to others, the exclusive property rights of reproduction, distribution and transformation of the awarded artwork. This clause is also applied to the pieces bought through the purchasing budget mentioned in clause 6th, and to the unclaimed works referred to in clause 8th, last paragraph.

The prize may be declared void by the jury.



In addition to the prize, there’s a budget for artwork purchases of SIX THOUSANDS EUROS (6.000,00 €), which is the maximum spending amount.

The purchasing price determined by the artist (which cannot be more than 1.500 €) must include all the taxes required by law.

In compliance with the 1.262 article of the civil code, the price esteemed by the artist in the application is a binding offer for the University of Seville, which will only have to communicate their acceptance to the author in order to complete the acquisition in time for the completion of the exposition.

The Center of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville, in view of the list of selected artworks consisted with the next clause, will contact the authors and will define the purchase of artworks up to the maximum expense of 6.000 €.


The jury will assign the XXIV National Plastic Arts Prize, will carry out the proposed acquisition and will select some artworks to expose them on dates to be determined, not later than 2018.


  1. JURY

The jury will be chaired by the General Director of Culture and Heritage, appointed directly by the rector, and members will be leading figures in the area of art and culture.



The organization will communicate to those concerned the period in which to collect the pieces, which must be at least three days long, at least one week before its start. The organization can establish a deadline for collecting the pieces not chosen for the exposition, and another for the exposed ones. The author may delegate another person to collect his work, and s/he will have to be provided with a written authorization and photocopies of his own and the author’s ID.

In case there are any artworks left after the deadline expiration, it will be understood that the author voluntarily gave up on the property rights and the pieces will become property of the University of Seville, which will be allowed to choose for them the most convenient fate, including their disposal and/or destruction. The pieces will not become part of the University collection, so the author cannot mention this fact on his/her CV.



The participation to this contest implies the permission to exhibit the artworks and the agreement to not dispose of them until the date of their restitution. Furthermore, the participation implies the disposal of the related reproduction rights, both on paper and electronic format, in order to advertise the exposition by eventually releasing a catalogue of the collection.

The participation to the contest implies the irrevocable disposal of these rights. The artists will not be allowed to retrieve their works from the exposition until its conclusion.



In compliance with the article 46 of the 46/2003 General Financial Law, 26 November, this contest is subject to his effective recording in the budget of the University of Seville for the year 2018. To this end, the following retentions have been allowed:

The prize will be charged to the organic/functional/economic –422D -482 section of the Seville University budget for the tax year 2018.

Moreover, the purchases will be charged to the organic/functional/economic 18.60.18.- 422D – 605 section of the Seville University budget for the tax year 2018.



In accordance with Article 123 of the Law for General Administrative Procedures, 39/2015, 1st October, this call for submissions, which finalizes the administrative procedures, likewise subsequent administrative proceedings and jury decisions can be contested via the lodging of an appeal for reconsideration within the period of one month, as from the day after being announced, or by filing an administrative appeal in accordance with  article 58 of the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction Law.