The call is open for the 29th European Plastic Arts Contest “Universidad de Sevilla”, 2023 edition, with a single prize of 3,000.00 euros, as well as a maximum amount of 6,000.00 euros in a purchase fund, according to the following



The purpose of the call is to promote and incentivize plastic creations through the presentation of an original artwork, with theme and techniques free of choice, which can be exhibited. The call is within the goals of promotion and support to cultural initiatives developed by the University of Seville through the Directorate-General of Culture and Heritage.


All students enrolled during the school year 2022/2023 in any European university pursuing studies leading to an official university degree can take part in this contest, as well as anyone who graduated from said studies during the school year 2013/2014 or succeeding years. Those who have been awarded in previous calls are excluded.

Participants will present an affidavit stating that they meet one of the two of the hereby established requirements, committing themselves to provide documentary evidence of this in case of winning the award.


Each contestant will be able to submit an original work of their exclusive ownauthorship that hasn’t been previously awarded in any other contest. The theme and techniques used will be free of choice and the artwork must be correctly assembled and ready for its exhibition.

Maximum artwork size is 200 x 200 cm. In the case of three-dimensional works, the base must fit 100 x 200 cm and the maximum height allowed will be 200 cm.

Artworks will be handed in fully completed, without any additional element being needed for its viewing by the jury or its exposition to the public. The University of Seville reserves the right not to accept those works which, due to their characteristics, might cause mounting or preservation difficulties.


Applications must be submitted by any of the two following means, whereby those not submitted through one of the two means will be EXCLUDED:

  • Through the Registry of the University of Seville.
  • Online (Digital Certificate of the FNMT-RCM or electronic DNI required), through the procedure “Presentación de instancias y solicitudes. Modelo Genérico” (Submission of applications and requirements. Generic form) available at the Sede Electrónica (Electronic Headquarters) of the University of Seville through the following link: https://rec.redsara.es/registro/action/are/acceso.do. In this case, the following text must be explicitly included in the SOLICITA (Application) section:

“Que se le admita el formulario de participación en la convocatoria del XXIX Certamen Europeo de Artes Plásticas Universidad de Sevilla (Año 2023)”, cuya documentación será aportada telemáticamente a través de la página web del CICUS, declarando bajo su responsabilidad que son ciertos todos los datos y declaraciones que se incorporan en los mismos”.

  • On-site at the Registro General of the University of Seville through the Registry Assistance Offices located at C/San Fernando, 4 (Rectorado) or Paseo de las Delicias, unnumbered (Pabellón de Brasil). In this case, if you choose to submit your application on-site at the Registro General, in accordance with the given instructions, access to the Registry Assistance Offices, located in the Rectorate Building and the Brazil Pavilion, must be requested by appointment, which may be done through the following link: https://institucional.us.es/cprevias/index.php?ce=907 and by submitting the application of the generic form.
  • In any of the other established means in article 16.4 of Law 39/2015, dated October 1st on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, that is to say:
  • At post offices (Correos), by the means established by regulation.
  • At Spanish diplomatic representations or consular offices abroad.

All applications submitted by any of these two established means shall be addressed to Registro de la Universidad de Sevilla, C/ San Fernando nº 4, 41004 Sevilla.

Deadline for applications: the application period will be open from the date on which this call is published, until April 20th 2023.

Required paperwork: the applicant must provide on the website http://cicus.us.es through the registration on the same:

  • Proof of having submitted the application form through one of the means established in clauses 4.1 and 4.2.
  • Artwork title.
  • Curriculum vitae of the artist in PDF format, with pictures of previous works.
  • Colour photograph(s) of the finished artwork, as it must be shown to the jury, in TIFF or JPG format, with at least 300 pixels and 20 cm on its largest side.
  • In case of video creation or digital creation, it must be submitted digitally, without prejudice to completing the previous point by sending a still image of the work.
  • Valuation price of the submitted artwork according to the conditions stated in clause 6. (1,500.00 euros being the maximum quantity allowed, as stated in said clause).
  • Where appropriate, the indications they deem necessary for the exhibition of the work.

In the view of the pre-inscriptions submitted, an early selection of which artworks will be shown to the jury, as the 8th base of this resolution states, and which ones may be held in the exposition contemplated in the 8th base. The selected artists will be invited to send their artworks to the contest.


The pre-selected artists will receive an invitation to send their work to the European Plastic Arts Contest, as well as corresponding instructions on how to make the delivery.

Interested participants may ship their work through any utility company or by mail. The packaging, transport and eventualinsurance of the artworks will be at the expense of the artist or person delegated, both upon delivery and collection. However, when the artwork requires it, the University of Seville may pay all or part of the shipping cost for artists from universities outside of the province of Seville.

Two-dimensional artworks must be submitted framed or, at least, with a protection strip.

The University of Seville will look after the integrity of the artworks, although it declines all responsibility in case of loss due to flooding, arson or natural catastrophe, as well as for the damage they may suffer both during reception and return of them and will not take out an insurance policy covering such risks.


The winning artwork will receive a single prize of THREE THOUSAND EUROS (€ 3,000.00).

The amount of the prize will be subject to the corresponding income tax withholding in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

The winning work will become the property of the University of Seville by means of its acquisition through the purchase exchange defined in the 7th base. Likewise, and in accordance with the provisions of the law of intellectual property, the author grants the University of Seville, without prejudice to the moral rights to which he/she is entitled,on an exclusive basis and with the right to transfer to third parties, the economic rights of reproduction, distribution and transformation of the winning work. This clause shall also apply to the works acquired with charge to the purchase fund referred to in base 7, and to those not withdrawn referred to in base 10, last paragraph.

The prize may, where appropriate, be declared void by the jury. The jury may also award one or more runners-up prizes with no prize money.


A purchase fund for works of SIX THOUSAND EUROS (€ 6,000.00) is established, which will be the maximum amount of the acquisitions to be made.

In the purchase price established by the artists (which may not exceed € 1,500.00) must include all taxes, direct and indirect, established by the law. According to the law of intellectual property, within the price established by the artist the transfer to the University of Seville is included, without any harm to its moral rights, on an exclusive basis and with the power of transfer to third parties the economic rights of reproduction, distribution and transformation of the awarded work.

In accordance with art. 1,262 of the Civil Code, the price freely estimated by the artist in his request has the value of a binding offer to the University of Seville, so as the entity will only need to communicate its acceptance to the author to complete the acquisition prior to the end date of the exhibition.

The Center for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville, in view of the list of works selected according to the following basis, will contact the authors and may agree on the acquisition of artworks up to the maximum limit of 6,000.00 euros.


In addition to awarding the 29th European Plastic Arts Contest and making the purchase proposal, the jury will make a selection of artworks for their exhibition on the dates to be determined, within the year 2023.


The jury will be chaired by the general director of Culture and Heritage of the University of Seville, directly delegated by the rector, and will consist of personalities of recognized prestige in the field that is the object of this award.


The contest organization will notify the interested parties,sufficiently in advance, of the deadline for collecting their works, which will be at least three days. The organization may set a deadline for collecting the works not selected for the exhibition, before the exhibition takes place, and another one for the exhibited works. The work may be pickedup by a person other than the author, who must present an authorization from the author, as well as a photocopy of both the IDs of the author and the authorized person.

Once the deadline established for the return of the non-awarded works has expired without any of them having been picked up, it will be assumed that the author has voluntarily waived ownership of the work, which will be handed over to the University of Seville, which may give it the fate it deems appropriate, including that of its sale and/or destruction. The work will NOT become part of the University Collection, and its author will not be able to mention such circumstance in their CV. By participating in this call, the authors accept that, when the work is made available to the University of Seville by not collecting it, this entity will have the economic rights of reproduction, distribution and transformation of the work, on an exclusive basis and with the right to transfer it to third parties, without prejudice to the moral rights that correspond to the author.


Participation in this call implies authorization to exhibit the artworks on display and not to dispose of them until the dates established for the return of the works. Likewise, participation implies the assignment of the corresponding rights of reproduction and transformation, in both printed and digital formats, for the advertising of the exhibition, including the publication of a brochure of the exhibition, if considered appropriate by the University.

Participation in this Contest implies the irrevocable granting of these rights. Artists may not withdraw their works from the exhibition, once selected by the jury, until the end of it.


In accordance with Organic Law 1/1982 of May 5th on the Civil Protection of the Right to Honor and Family and Personal Image, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation, and Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5th on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, participants expressly authorize the University, if selected, to publicize their full name, as well as the name of the projects submitted. Likewise, they give their consent, if selected, to provide the media that requests it their telephone number and/or email address, so that they can contact them, but in no case may such personal data be published.

In application of the principle of transparency and loyalty regulated in the General Data Protection Regulation RGPD EU 2016/679, participants are informed that the University of Seville is responsible for the present processing, Promotion Activities of the Cultural Initiatives Centre, the purpose of which if the processing and management of the use of the various services offered by the Cultural Initiatives Center of the University of Seville.The processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller. It is also legitimised, where applicable, by the data subject’s express and informed consent.

According to the aforementioned rules, you have the right to access, correct and delete your personal data, as well as other rights that you can check, together with further detailed information, at the linkhttps://sic.us.es/sites/default/files/pd/cicicusok.pdf.


In accordance with Article 46 of Law 47/2003, of November 26th, General Budgetary Law, this call for applications is conditional upon the effective appropriation in the Budget of the University of Seville for the financial year 2023. To this end, the following credit deductions have been made, which are attached to this resolution:

The award will be paid from the organic/functional/economic application of the budget of the University of Seville for the financial year 2023.

Likewise, the purchases will be paid from the organic/functional/economic application 18.60.18/451/605 of the budget of the University of Seville for the financial year 2023.


In accordance with article 123 and following of Law 39/2015, of October 1st, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, both this call for applications, which puts an end to administrative proceedings, and the administrative acts deriving from it may be challenged by means of an appeal for reconsideration within one month, counted from the day following its publication, or by means of a contentious-administrative appeal within two months, counted from the day following that of the publication or notification challenged in accordance with article 46.1 of the Law on Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction. 46.1 of the Law on Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.

In Seville, as of the date of the signature.
Fdo. Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo