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The University of Seville, in collaboration with the Sevilla European Film Festival, invites submissions for the X European Film Prize “Sevilla University” 2017, subject to the following:


1. Participants

The competition is open to anybody that complies with at least one of the three following requirements:

  1. students registered for the 2017/2018 academic year in any European university course of study leading to an official university qualification.
  2. anybody who has successfully completed such a course of study in or after the academic year 2008/2009 in any European university.
  • born after 1st January 1978 and has not as yet released a commercial film.Each participant can only present one project and must be either the director or producer .

    Those who have received awards in previous editions are excepted.

    Short-film projects.

Each participant can submit one short-film project only, fiction or non-fiction (a short-film being one that is 20 minutes or less long)

The project must include the following documents:

  2. SYNOPSIS (one page max.)
  3. SHOOTING PLAN (including time schedule)

3. Project presentation

Projects must be presented in digital format only (doc. Format, rtf, odf or pdf; no other format will be accepted), link. Printed hard-copy versions will not be accepted,  not even by the Sevilla University registre office.

Submissions will be accepted as from the day this edition of the competition is announced and will close at 23.59 15 September 2017.

The application must expressly state that the applicants are the author of the project and own the full intellectual copyrights, and also agree to make the short-film project and grant the exhibition rights as expressed in clause five.

Once the winners have been chosen and the prize announced, the winners must prove that they comply with the conditions stipulated in Section 1 of the competition terms.

4. Prizes

There is a single 3,000€ prize that is subject to tax by law. Hence, a advance-retention has already been allowed for in the organic/functional/economic –422D -482 section of the Sevilla University budget for the tax year 2017.

5. Making the short-film and its exhibition as part of the Sevilla Festival of European Film and the CICUS programme.


The prize winner is obliged:

  • To make the short-film that constitutes the project.
  • To include the logos provided by both the University of Sevilla and the Sevilla European Film Festival in the short-film’s presentation and also “X Sevilla University European Film Award for short-film projects” must be in the presentation.
  • To agree to the short-film being included in the Sevilla European Film Festival programme, the 2018 edition, and/or the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS)  programme, relinquishing the necessary copy and exhibition rights.

6. The Jury

The jury will be presided over by the general director of Culture and  Heritage, appointed directly by the Rector, and members will be leading figures in the film industry proposed by both the University of Sevilla and the Sevilla European Film Festival.

The jury will judge both the technical and artistic aspects of the project, as well the soundness of the budget and financial plan.

The jury can declare the prize void, or, if it is judged appropriate, name a second-place winner with no monetary prize. The jury decision is final and indisputable.

7. Language

All documents related to the applications submitted by Spanish participants, residents in Spain, students or graduates from a Spanish university, must be in Spanish.

Foreign participants living abroad and who, in addition, are students or graduates from a non-Spanish university can submit their presentation in either Spanish or English.

8. Accessibility for those with impaired hearing

Regardless of the language in which the short-film is made, both the project and budget must provide for subtitling for those with impaired hearing, at least in Spanish.

9. Appeals

In accordance with Article 123 of the Law 39/2015, 1st October, Law for General Administrative Procedures, this call for submissions, which finalizes the administrative procedures, likewise subsequent administrative proceedings and jury decisions can be contested via the lodging of an appeal for reconsideration within the period of one month, as from the day after being announced, or by filing an administrative appeal in accordance with  article 58 of the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction Law.