Date: 19 and 20 May 2023
Schedule: 16 to 21 h.
Duration: 10 h.
Location: Sala Casajús · CICUS (c/Madre de Dios 1)
Registration Fee: 50€ for the general public; 25€ for students/PDI/PAS University of Seville and PAD members and students of the Conservatorio Superior de Danza (prior accreditation).
Plazo de inscripción*: from 19/05/2023 to 16/06/2023 o hasta la adjudicación de todas las plazas disponibles.
* En los talleres sujetos a preinscripción, se seleccionará a los candidatos conforme a las preguntas que se formulan en el proceso de matrícula y, en su caso, a la carta de motivación o currículum que se les solicite.
Accreditation of attendance:Acreditation of attendance and participation will be issued to students who attend at least 80% of the hours on the course. To do so, they must complete the established attendance control system (normally, they must sign the attendance control form that will be handed out at each session. If a different attendance control system is established, participants will be informed in due course).


Objectives and Content

How to translate a listening methodology, an embodied methodology, anchored in collective learning dance practices, anchored in various somatic approaches? How to transmit the body, when also entering a (institutionalized) field? What to preserve, how to translate? Body-Mind-Centering®, a movement research approach, initiated since the late 1960s by the American Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, as well as other (movement) influences around collective research make up this workshop. More specifically, explorations in movement and touch based on the embryological roots of our connective tissue matrix as it intertwines with our circulatory system will guide us to modulate moments of exploration in movement with verbal exchange. Through these moments of physical exploration and reflection, the workshop addresses questions that somatic researches share, wherever they move: How do notions of listening, conscious and unconscious dialogue, a collective realm; inform an exploratory dance, as well as move research concepts in various directions? To what extent does sharing these questions support our unique practices?

Requirements for participants:
The workshop is open to anyone who has a sincere interest in exploring, articulating, learning from the physical roots of our ‘being’. Previous experience with Body-Mind-Centering® and/or dance movement is of course welcome, but not necessary. All those interested in questioning the semantics of the words ‘research’ and ‘dance’ are welcome. The workshop will be held in Spanish and/or English, depending on the needs of the participants.


FRIDAY 19 MAY 2023
- Encounter
- From somatic practices (including Body-Mind-Centering) to dance and the other way around: a brief and incomplete history
- Exploration of connective tissue
- Questions and answers

- Embryological roots of the dance: exploration of the circulatory system
- A dance that nourishes research: conscious-unconscious dialogue, collective sphere, repetition, etc.
- Clotting


EVA MAES: After obtaining a Master’s in Contemporary History at the University of Ghent Belgium, Eva Maes began her professional dance studies at the Cuningham Studio (1990-2001, New York). There she was taught, with a Full Merit Scholarship, by different dancers of various generations of the Merce Cunningham Company (Meg Harper, June Finch, Louise Burns, Carol Teitelbaum, Foofwa d’Immobilité, Robert Swinston, e.a.) as well as by Merce Cunningham. During this training period in New York, she also had the opportunity to study with Janet Panetta (Classical Dance); Dianne Madden, Mariah Malonery (Trisha Brown Technique and Repertoire), Barbarah Mahler (Klein Technique), K.J. Holmes, Vicky Shick. Afterwards she graduated in “Dance (Bachelor and Master) and Dance Pedagogy” at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Belgium). Since 2004 she presents solos (Duo + Justine, Reminiscen(c)e, Mimicry Project, Manos Vacias, Embodiment Embroidery…) on different occasions in Brussels, Antwerp and Seville. Other references in her way of understanding dance and movement are the Tuning Scores of Lisa Nelson (2002-2015: workshops, ‘observatories’ and incorporation in Brussels Tuning Band/ Tuning Space at the Manutention, Bordeaux (France), Nadine, Danscentrum Jette, Espace l’Escaut, Carthago Delanda Est, A.pass, e.o., Brussels (Belgium), Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low (NY, 2004, Valencia, 2007) and Anouk Llaurens (Helium, Visions, Spectrum of the Sesnses); with whom she has also collaborated on several occasions. In 2006 she trained as a ‘Body-Mind-Centering Trainee’ or ‘Somatic Movement Education and Therapy in Northampton, Massachusetts (USA) and in 2019 she completed the BMC Teacher Training (Tuscania, Italy). She has been assistant to Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in several workshops in New York (2006, 2018), Bratislava (2006), Brussels (2008), Amsterdam (2013), Berlin (2011, 2016) and Claremont, LA (2019); as well as in BMC certified training modules in Paris (SOMA) and in Zaragoza (Movimiento Atlas), and has taught within Leben Nuova, BMC Certified Training in Italy and Corporally, BMC Certified Training in Brazil. In 2015 she organized in Ghent, together with the Body-Mind-Centering Association, a conference where more than 100 professionals and somatic research enthusiast gathered. She is a professional member of the Body-Mind-Centering Association and its Ethic Committee. She conducts the research Transmitting the Body (2020-2022) within the CORPoREAL group at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and teaches Body-Mind-Centering within the ‘Complementary trainig’ module of the Bachelor Dance of the same institute.

Body-Mind Centering® and BMC© are registered trademarks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


Activity organized in collaboration with the Andalusian Association of PAD-Dance Professionals.