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Being a CICUS Provider

Artistic or cultural activities

If you would like to propose an artistic or cultural activity, please contact the e CICUS cultural programming technicians If your proposal is of interest to be included in our programming, we will tell you how to proceed to opt for the awarding of a contract.

Spanish Act 9/2017, on Public Sector Contracts(Public Sector Contracts Spanish Act), (art. 168.a.2º) provides special mechanisms for cases of creation or acquisition of works of art, unique artistic representations, or cases in which the protection of exclusive intellectual property rights is applicable.

Need to formalise the contract

In accordance with article 37 of Act 9/2017 on Contratos del Sector Público (Spanish Public Sector Contracts), the University of Seville cannot hire verbally, unless the contract involves an emergency.

You cannot assume that you have received an order from us until the corresponding contract has been formalised. Even in the case of minor contracts, it will be necessary, at the very least, prior authorisation from the University's Intervention, and the express acceptance of a budget.

Public Sector Contracting Platform

Act 9/2017, on Public Sector Contracts Spanish Act 9/2017, on Public Sector Contracts, University of Seville tenders are published on the Public Sector Contracting Platform.


Providers who register on this platform can create alerts to receive updated information on the type of tenders that may be of interest to them.

Official Register of Tenderers and Classified Companies

In order to participate in certain tenders, Spanish Act 9/2017, on Public Sector Contractsrequires from 9 th September 2018 that companies are previously registered in the Official Register of Tenderers and Companies of the State (Official Register of Bidders and State Enterprises):


In the case of the University of Seville, registration in the Tenderers' Register (Registro de Licitadores) of the Andalusian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) is also valid:


We recommend all companies wishing to work as our providers to register in one or both registers, as it will be a necessary requirement to participate in simplified open procedures, and for other tenders it greatly facilitates the accreditation of economic, financial and technical solvency, classification or the fact of not being subject to any prohibition to contract.

Invoices issuance and delivery

Once the contract has been awarded and formalized, and once the provision has been rendered or the purchased goods have been delivered, please refer to this page of our website for instructions on how to issue and deliver invoices.