Objective of the Centre for Cultural Initiatives

* To organise cultural events of all kinds, from a perspective of complementarity with the rest of the cultural offer of our city, attending to the cultural and artistic manifestations not covered by other cultural agents that may be of the greatest interest to the general public and, especially, to the academic community of our Institution

* To encourage artistic and cultural creation by members of the university community, supporting the University's Cultural Spaces and contributing to the spreading of this artistic and cultural creation.

* To contribute, through the spreading of our activities, to enhancing the image of the University of Seville, both outside and inside the academic community.

* To contribute, with our activities, to a better relationship between our University and the rest of the public and private institutions in our surroundings.

Vision of the Centre for Cultural Initiatives (CICUS)

The CICUS aims to:

*Be a reference in cultural programming in our geographical and social environment, offering the public, and especially the University Community, the best cultural programming.

*Be the vehicle for the promotion and diffusion of the cultural activities and cultural curiosities of the members of the University Community

*Offer the best image of our University to the general public, to all public and private institutions with which we interact and, especially, to the university community, contributing, through our activities, to the feeling of belonging to our institution of professors, students and staff, and to the better appreciation of our University by society as a whole.