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The University of Seville calls for applications to the XXVI European Plastic Arts Contest “University of Seville” 2019/2020, with a single prize of EUR 1,500.00 and a purchasing budget up to EUR 6,000.00, subject to the following submission rules:

  1. Participants

The contest is open to any student enrolled for the academic year 2019/2020 at any European university in any studies that lead to an official degree. It also includes anyone who successfully obtained a university degree in the year 2010/2011 and subsequent years. Those who received awards in previous editions are excluded from participation.

  1. Artworks

Every participant can submit an original artwork not previously awarded in other contests, which must be delivered properly assembled for its exhibition. Technique and subject are free.

Artworks’ maximum size is 200×200 cm. Regarding 3D artworks, the base must not exceed the dimensions 100×200 cm, and the maximum height will be 200 cm.

All artworks must be delivered finished, not requiring any additional elements to their submission or to their public exhibition. Artworks cannot require any kind of maintenance either.

  1. Pre-registration

Before submitting the artwork, participants must fill out the Entry Form from September 1st, 2019 to November 30th, 2019 (11:59 PM Central European Time) that can be find on this link.. Every participant shall provide the following information:

  • Artwork’s title.
  • Artist’s CV in Word format including pictures of previous artworks.
  • One or more colour photographs of the finished artwork as it shall be submitted to the jury. The images format shall be JPG or TIFF, 300 DPI at least and 20 cm by its largest side.
  • Video or digital creations shall be submitted in digital format. The previous point also applies in this case and must be fulfilled by providing a still picture of the artwork.
  • Estimated price of the submitted artwork in order to meet the 6th clause (the total price cannot exceed the amount of EUR 1,500.00 according to this clause).
  • Any comments or information the artist may consider useful for the artwork exhibition.

Once finished the deadline, there will be a previous selection of the artworks to be submitted to the jury according to the 8th point of this resolution and their exhibition included on the 7th point. The chosen artists will be invited to send their artworks to the contest.

This preselection will be carried out by a committee appointed by the General Director of Culture and Heritage of the University of Seville.

  1. Artworks delivery or sending

The selected artists will receive an invitation to send their artworks to the National Plastic Arts Award along with the instructions for the artwork delivery.

The participants can send their artworks through any service company or by post. The packaging, transport and the insurance, if any, are charged to the artist or to a intitled person for delivery and  pickup. However, if the work relevance requires it, the University of Seville could cover partial or the total amount of the shipping costs for artists from universities outside the province of Seville.

Two-dimensional works must be submitted framed, or at least with glazing beads in order to protect them.

The University of Seville will protect the integrity of the artworks. Nevertheless, the institution is not responsible for their loss in case of flood, fire or natural catastrophe nor for any damages they can suffer during the pickup and return processes. No insurance policies will be bought to cover such risks.

  1. Prize

The institution establishes one single EUR 1,500.00 prize to the winning work, subject to taxes by law.

The awarded work will become property of the University of Seville. Likewise, according to the Spanish Copyright Act, the artist transfers to the University of Seville the rights of reproduction, distribution and transformation of the awarded artwork, on an exclusive right and  with transfer right to third parties, with respect for his/her moral rights.  This clause also applies to the works bought through the purchasing budget described in the 6th clause and to the unclaimed works (8th clause).

The prize may be declared null and void by the jury.

  1. Purchasing budget

The institution also establishes a budget of EUR 6,000.00 for purchasing artworks, which is the maximum spending amount.

The purchasing price fixed by the artists, which cannot exceed the amount of EUR 1,500.00, includes all the taxes, direct and indirect, required by law.

In compliance with the article 1262 from the Spanish Civil Code, the price fixed by the author in the application is a binding offer between the University of Seville and the artist. The institution will only have to communicate the approval to the author in order to acquire the artwork before the exhibition finalises.

The CICUS, in the light of the selected artworks according to the next clause, will contact the authors and will define the purchase of artworks up to the maximum expense of EUR 6,000.00.

  1. Exhibition

As well as giving the National Plastic Arts Award and making an acquisition proposal, the jury will select the artworks that will be exhibited on a date still to be determined within the year 2020.

  1. Jury

The jury will be chaired by the general director of Culture and Heritage, appointed directly by the rector, and composed of other leading personalities in the field of art and culture.

  1. Artworks restitution

The institution will inform the participants at least with a week in advance of the period set to collect the artworks, which will be of no least of three days. The organization can establish a deadline for picking up the artworks not selected and another for the exhibited ones. The author can delegate the pickup to another person, provided that this person presents a written authorization and photocopies of his own and the author’s ID.

Once the deadline expires, if there are artworks remaining without being collected, it will be understood that the author voluntary renounces to the property rights. These works will become property of the University of Seville, which will be allowed to choose for them the most suitable use or purpose, including their disposal or destruction. These works will not become part of the University Collection, and therefore the participants will not be authorized to include that fact in their CV.

  1. Reproduction and exhibition

The participation in this contest implies the consent to exhibit the artworks and the agreement to not dispose of them until the day of their restitution. In addition, the participation also entails the cession of reproduction rights, on paper or electronic format, with the aim of publicizing the exhibition, which could include the publication of a catalogue if the institution considers it appropriate.

The participation involves the irrevocable cession of these rights. The artists will not be allowed to collect their works until the end of the exhibition.

  1. Authorization for use of image and disclosure of private information

The information provided by the participant will be included in a file property of the University of Seville, intended to manage CICUS’ services. They will be used as well for the European Plastic Arts Contest. Their full names (excluding personal information of contact) and the documentation presented to the contest will be only shared with the jury members for that sole purpose.

In compliance with the Organic Act 1/1982, of 5 May, which guarantees the right to honour, to personal and family privacy and to one’s own image, along with the General Data Protection Regulation, the participant expressly authorises the University to publish his or her full name, origin, nationality and a photography, if declared winner.

  1. Funding

In compliance with the article 46 of the General Budget Law 47/2003, of 26 November 2003, this contest is subject to the funds the University of Seville appropriates in the budget for the year 2020. To this end, the following retentions have been allowed:

The prize will be charged to the organic/functional/economic – 451 – 482 section of the University of Seville budget for the tax year 2020.

Likewise, the acquisitions will be charged to the organic/functional/economic 18.60.18. – 451 – 605 section of the University of Seville budget for the tax year 2020.